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Stephen - 18 - HTX

I'm just kind of your average teenager. I love pop punk, hardcore, rap, drugs, disappointing my parents. Just your standard hoodrat shit

Instagram: steviefreshh
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Klonopin is probably the only thing keeping me alive at this point. So stressed out anxiety to the max

I owe like 1600 dollars at this point but Atleast I have a dumb pop punk lyric on my body forever

Karma isn’t real. The world is filled with shitty people. Even the good are just shitty people masquerading themselves as this sense of light. But it’s all darkness we’re all just darkness. Just the absence of light, the absence of anything

Think I fully understand depression now. Selfishly taking drugs to escape from a reality that terrifies me ruining relationships with people I love the most in the process. Iā€™m pathetic but I am me.

I’ve been sitting on this idea for about 6 years now an really wish I could brin it to life. Essentially I want to start a gourmet restaurant featuring marijuana infused cuisine named canabistro. I’m not talking weed brownies but more seared steaks basted in a cannabutter butter. I think this is an untapped market catering to not only the average weed smoker but tourist looking for the once in a life time experience we can provide. This is my business pitch plz invest

I’m not gonna pretend to like robin Williams now that he’s dead. sorry for the guys family but what a terrible fucking actor. Like a worse Adam sandler