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Stephen - 18 - HTX

I'm just kind of your average teenager. I love pop punk, hardcore, rap, drugs, disappointing my parents. Just your standard hoodrat shit

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Green hulk bars are rip offs tbh

Finally seeing a psychiatrist about my anxiety after 18 years of dealing with it. Hopefully they can help me stop this trend of ruining my life every time I make a decision

Science side of tumblr why am i not getting head right now

Johnny Manziel and Kanye West are literally my favorite people on earth


I’ve been wasted for like a week st8

This was so needed. I honestly feel so recharged after a bad drug binge. Like I can take on the world. Now it’s time to get the rest of my shit together

I’ve been wasted for like a week st8

I just had a 3 day long mental breakdown. But coming out of it feeling positive.


don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

Threats are worthless please kick my ass and pay for my entire first semester of college if that’s how pissy you are

Feelings of inadequacy overwhelm my drunk brain. So Ima vent on tumble because I’m too big of a pussy to say this shit outload. Fuck me fuck this town. My future is bleak and it’s all my fault. Not depressed or some other bullshit self diagnosed thing I can come up with. Just confused and sad

Get a shit degree move to Charlotte and call it a life.

I just wanna et these student loans get the fuck out of here.